Mainstream – Fish Farming Operations,


EWOS – Fish Feed Production and,
EWOS Innovation – Research and Development Centres.
Cermaq is committed to sustainable aquaculture practices in all of its operations, and achieves this by annually investing in Aquaculture Research and Development. Cermaq creates and implements new product and environmental technologies, which ensures that international standards for best operational practices are met.



The Mainstream Group is the world’s second largest producer of farmed salmon and trout. With operations in Canada, Chile, Scotland and Norway, the Mainstream Group produces over 110,000 metric tonnes of farmed salmon annually, and employs 3400+ people in coastal communities throughout the producing regions.EWOS Group is a leading producer of fish feed for the international fish farming industry, and has operations in the same fish farming areas as Mainstream Group. Certified by international ISO 9001 Quality Management Standards, EWOS adheres to stringent sustainability practices for feed production, and invests in the latest technologies to monitor and improve feed production and quality.


EWOS Innovation

EWOS Innovation is dedicated to aquaculture research and development. The main areas of focus are nutrition, the environment, technology and product development for fish feed and fish health products. EWOS Innovation moves the boundaries of feed performance forward, by uniting technology and biological research knowledge.