What Shade To Paint Your Room To Make It Appear Big And Attractive?

Is your new room in Toronto looking a bit bland? Do you generally feel cranky and annoyed when you enter your new room? Well, chances are you’re upset with the coloring of the room! In case you didn’t know, the color of your room can affect your mood and personality.

So, in case your room is not lighted up and you’ve used somber shades, it can feel even depressing. Thus, looks like your personal space can use a room painting Toronto? Now, when it comes to room painting several factors need to be considered.

Your personality, demeanor, the room’s space, and lighting all determine how you should paint the room. So, today this blog will talk about the types of shades to choose for your room painting Toronto, depending on the above factors.

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Lighting Factors

Light plays a vital role in determining which hue will work on your room best. If your room is situated up front and gets limited lighting then go for beige, orange, yellow and bright green hues to make the room look bright.

If you, however, wish to tone down the excess light then go for hues like peach, pink and light fuchsia to give your room a delicate feminine vibe.

Now, suppose your room is cramped and has a little amount of light coming in. Then it’s best to opt for shades like teal, aqua, purple or canary yellow to brighten up the room.

Optimist or Realist

Your personality too can affect when it comes to picking shades for room painting Toronto. Let’s say your room is overly bright and heats up quickly due to numerous windows. For that, you can either use optimistic colors like bright orange, yellow and shades of red to make your room look vivacious and energetic.

However, if you’re a bit toned down by nature then overly bright colors can result in giving you a headache. Hence, in case of a lighted up room use shades like cream, peach, burgundy, and lilac to give the room a mellow and soothing aura.

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Which Colors to Mix to Make a Room Appear Bigger?

From the perspective of painters, white is an excellent choice to make a room look bigger when it’s combined with a contrasting shade. However, note that simply combining shades of white or painting the room off-white will give it a mundane basic look.

  1. Off-white and navy blue

Royal and classy this shade is ideal for your room painting Toronto.  You can do one wall that reflects the light up in the blue shade and the other as off white to give the room a fresh vibe and a bigger appeal.

  1. White with Pink or Red

To give a room a feminine touch, white, with red and pink background is ideal. Also, try decorating the room with wallpaper to give it a classy and attractive aura.

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  1. Crème and Yellow

This combination is ideal to make rooms look bigger and airy. Further, offering a mellow hue with a classy appeal this is ideal for millennials.

Well, there you go! Now, that you know of the combinations, get started with your room painting Toronto, today!