Social Sustainability

“Fish farming contributes to activity and employment in local, often rural, communities. Our aim is to produce food in a sustainable way, which means to operate in such a way that we uphold the potential for continued food production by maintaining positive relationships with local communities, our employees and fish consumers”.
Cermaq Sustainability Principles 2009

Mainstream Canada provides employment to local people in many coastal communities, and supports businesses in the local purchase of supplies and services. Our company also supports many community activities, environmental initiatives, and education and learning opportunities within our local communities.

Our People

“A motivated and knowledgeable workforce is the best basis for future results and a decisive factor in operating sustainably.” – Geir Isaksen, CEO, Cermaq

Mainstream StaffMainstream Canada employs over 250 people in our hatcheries, farms, processing plants and administration centers, throughout Vancouver Island. Our employees come from local communities, other communities in BC and Canada, as well as many other countries in the world. The company is proud of that diversity and strives to create a positive working environment where networking, personal development, teamwork, and open communication are encouraged.

Mainstream Canada sponsors a variety of projects and activities to encourage employee participation. Some of these include the employee Newsletter, Soccer and Squash nights at the local recreation centre, Slo-Pitch league teams in Campbell River and Tofino, Staff BBQ’s, and participation in local community events.

To help ensure the health and safety of our employees, in 2009 Mainstream Canada achievd International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 18801 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment (OHSA) certification across our operations. This program assists the company and employees with:

Hazard identification.
Risk assessment and risk control.
Guidelines to ensure that the organization’s employees are competent, and receive training.
Emergency preparedness and response plans for both employee and product.
First Nation Communities
Mainstream Canada operates within the traditional territories of several First Nations on the BC coast. Our relationship with these communities is extremely important to our vision of sustainable aquaculture and we strive to develop social, economic, and cultural relationships that are mutually beneficial and based on the following:

A commitment to develop a relationship that is based on trust, respect and performance and that provides stability for both parties.
Respect for each other’s distinct identities, interests and priorities while exploring common interests and opportunities.
A mutual commitment and respect for the historic and contemporary uses and stewardship of land, water and resources.
Recognition and respect for and of the claims for constitutionally protected rights and title within the farming areas.
A commitment to the development of education and employment readiness for those in whose communities we operate.
A commitment to honest and open sharing of information and ideas and to joint problem solving.
A desire to set objectives and maintain operations that are in the best business interests of both the company and the First Nations
A desire to set objectives and maintain operations that are in the best business interests of both the company and the First Nations
Local Community Support
Our company is committed not only to sustainable salmon farming operations on Vancouver Island, but to supporting the local communities in the areas we operate. We strive to patronize local businesses, to employ local people, and to be a reliable partner for our communities. To view our office, hatchery, processing plant and farm locations on Vancouver Island click here.

Mainstream also strives to be an active member of the community through involvement with community projects and events such as:

Beach clean-up activities at all Mainstream community locations on World Oceans Day,
Salmon BBQ fundraiser for the Ucluelet High School,
Rod Brind’Amour Golf Classic for Cystic Fibrosis,
Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life in Campbell River.
Mainstream Canada also supports a number of community organizations through sponsorship, with priority for youth, community projects and education activities. Some of our sponsorships have included youth employment programs, local community charity events, First Nations youth activities, salmon enhancement projects, sports teams, First Nations community projects, and local community youth activities.